At the National Forest Adventure Farm.

Hillbilly Joe's Zombee Smash
An AJP Designs terror attraction new for 2014.
Artist/Set Painter

I was asked back to do some set pieces for this year's Screamfest. There were no major new attractions this year, however there was a small addition of a paintball game which needed some artwork and targets. My main pieces that I created for this were some large zombie animal targets painted onto 8ft high wooden boards. I am incredibly proud of these mainly because of the time in which they took to complete, as it confirmed that I am getting a lot quicker and am able to produce high quality refined work in a short time frame. Each of these boards took around 2 and a half hours to complete; this is starting with a plain wooden board, sketching out the design and fully painting it. The reindeer certainly has to be my favourite!

I also spent some time painting a lot of random signage to help theme the shooting gallery area and adjoining photo opportunity. The idea was portray the hillbilly theme as much as possible; very mish mash and thrown together.

An AJP Designs terror attraction.
Artist/Set Painter

Slasher is an existing attraction at the event that was the first to catapult Screamfest Burton into the highly respected event that it has became. Due to the popularity of the event growing, it became evident that in order to keep Slasher there needed to be something done to address the issue of throughput. The start of the attraction involves witnessing the 'execution' of James Munroe, and this is quite a showpiece and the main theatrical element to the maze. The decision was made to create an additional execution room so that it can double the amount of groups in the maze at any one time and therefore increase the throughput drastically. From an artistic point of view, this is very different to what I am used to but a great challenge all the same. I am very used to being able to take creative decisions and use my imagination, however this task focused more on recreating an already existing room, executing effects and techniques so that the rooms looked identical.

Soul Seekers Live
An AJP Designs terror attraction.
Artist/Set Painter - Actor

I also returned to Soul Seekers Live, the attraction that I spent so long painting and working on last year, however other than a few touch ups that were necessary to the set due to damage during storage, artwork was limited this year and I spent most of my time in Soul Seekers acting and scaring people to death! It was fun to return to Soul Seekers and see it from a different angle. I acted on a few occasions in there last year, but this year I acted for the entire run which felt very different. I have a new appreciation for the actors who work tirelessly in these environments as thousands of people coming through the doors, but I also learnt a lot that I feel could help me in the future about the workings of the maze once it is up and running.

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