At the National Forest Adventure Farm.

Soul Seekers Live at The Helton Grand Hotel
Artist & Set Painter/Designer for Soul Seekers Live, an AJP Designs terror attraction new for 2013.

Initially I got involved in this project when approached by Andrew Porter (AJP Designs) to create some graffiti artwork for a piece of hoarding at the entrance to the hotel - my first major airbrush piece. From thereon, once the attractions base was constructed, alongside Sam Bott (co-producer and director of Soul Seekers) we put our hearts and souls into detailing and theming the attraction. We worked as a great team and not only did we create something that has received rave reviews, especially regarding the detailing of the attraction, but something to be incredibly proud of.

This was my first time doing anything to this scale and of this sort with my artwork, and the opportunity to get involved has meant the world to me. I have since really got the bug for this side of the creative industry and would love to work more and continue in the world of attraction design and theming. There is something that is just extra special in regards to not only creating a piece of artwork that you can be proud of, but creating a piece of artwork that people can explore and experience.

This project also introduced me to my first experience of scare acting! After being incredibly nervous to start with, I soon got in the swing with it and really impressed myself - and certainly managed to scare a number of people! I think, being a big fan of scare attractions myself, having been through so many I could easily pick up on the techniques and scare tactics that worked and was really proud of how I did.

"From the outset, this has to be one of the most elaborate looking mazes we have ever experienced, from little touches such as the do not disturb signs hanging on all the doors through to the grand stained glass ceiling decorations in the ballroom. You would expect this level of detail in a large US movie park such as Universal Studios and not in a small farm park in Staffordshire."
- Scare Tour review (

'The theming was absolutely perfect, there were so many good scares. Ten out of ten... '
'Possibly two (alongside AJP Design's new 'Nocturnal') of my favourite terror attractions that I've ever been through.'
- Terror Attractions (

Behind the Scenes of Soul Seekers - Terror TV (

Screamfest Burton 2013 Review - Terror TV (

I also had a small part to play in the Field of Screams attraction, in which I created set pieces included the large steel door upon entry to the maze and the camouflaged boards enclosing the holding area. I also customised some plain plastic skeletons with latex and airbrush to help make them look extra gruesome and decayed.

As well as the above, I also provided voice overs for some of the soundtrack pieces. The soundtrack can be found over at


I wasn't really involved in the build of Nocturnal, however I still got the chance to feature. The queue line of the attraction is based upon a fictional nightclub scenario, so of course a convincing soundtrack was needed. One of the songs I have recorded with the incredibly talented musician and producer, Gaz Bolan, was part of this soundtrack and was played out every 15 minutes to the thousands of guests. The music was written by Gaz Bolan, with myself providing additional melodies and writing the lyrics. The track also features Shane Haney with a few 'rap' sections that he added to the song, which really helps add to the feel!

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