Relatively new to the world of airbrushing, it has fast became one of my favourite mediums. From merely creating a couple of canvas's with it, I was then asked to do my greatest project yet of creating a huge mural on five 8ft tall wooden boards for the queueline for Soul Seekers Live at Screamfest Burton 2013, and from there have taken to utilising airbrush for murals and more.

Airbrush is my preferred medium for creating mural work for it's speed and efficiency. The ocean mural to the left took two days and a total of 13 hours to complete.

Below are few examples of some of my airbrush works, from murals, to canvas's and even painted mannequins that you can hang on your wall as a piece of artwork.

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I am always striving to improve my skill level and to be the best that I can be. To keep up to date with my latest designs and improvements, please follow me on my various social media platforms!


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