Drawing has always been my biggest passion for as long as I can remember, and is something I'm striving to not neglect as I explore other mediums. From simply graphite pencil drawings, to experimenting digitally and encorporating airbrush, painting, and pastels etc.

I am open to commissioned works, be it a canvas or pencil portrait of loved ones or pets, or commercial work.

I am also aiming to build up collections and find a way to start selling prints of my work on a grander scale, however I can still at the present moment create the odd print here or there. If you are interested in purchasing any prints of any of my work, please get in touch stating which piece you are interested in.

For any information on commissioning any work from me, or if you perhaps show an interest in any of the work shown, please feel free to get in touch @: katemonroeunbanded@icloud.com.

Above are a few examples of my work, however I am always striving to improve my skill level and to be the best that I can be. To keep up to date with my latest designs and improvements, please follow me on my various social media platforms!

Instagram @misskatemonroe.co.uk

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