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Always having a passion for the arts alongside an intrigue for creating her own world of fantasy and escapism, Kate has only recently delved into the world of face and body art and has never felt more true to herself.

From a young age, her favourite thing was always to draw; setting herself projects and creating books filled with pages upon pages of drawings. This grew to experimenting with graphics, design and photography as she encompassed one of her other great passions of the music industry. The biggest thing that fascinated her was creating a complete final package that could be easily marketable, a skill that would aid in future endeavours.

For a while her physical art of drawing and painting took a backseat and became temporarily neglected as she struggled to find out 'who' she really was. It was in the Spring of 2012 during her time working at Twycross Zoo that she found herself for the first time with a face paint in her hands, and she felt instantly addicted. The summer of 2012 was spent practising a few childrens designs, however it was October of that year that the penny dropped overnight with her technique and impact in her designs; thanks to her love of the dark, the weird and the wonderful whom all come out to celebrate All Hallow's Eve. Within what seemed like an instant, her confidence and ability surpassed her own expectations and thanks to her previous skills of creating a final package, her work became noticed.

Since then she has continued to be recognised for her face art which has led to a number of other adventures for Kate, such as being asked to be involved in the production of Soul Seekers Live scare attraction at Screamfest Burton, which now has her recognised as a well known face and talent within the UK scare industry.

After experimenting as a hobby with face art for a short while, Kate took her hand to body painting for the first time in January 2014 and hasn't looked back since. Her addiction to the world of body art has since been elevated tenfold. 2014 saw her winning Novice Face Painter of the year at Paintopia Festival, winning the Postal Body Painting Competition at the UK Face & Bodypaint convention, as well as receiving her first magazine feature in Pinstriping & Kustom Graphics Magazine. She also painted live demo's on behalf of the UK Bodypaint League at Kustom Kulture Blastoff Festival and Neil Gorton's The Prosthetics Event.

2015 saw her reaching 3rd place in the Solo Bodypainter of the Year competition at Paintopia, ranking above 30+ worldwide competitors, 1st place for body painting as well as winning the 'Pro Artist' award in the Warpaint Magazine competition at Pro Beauty North, as well as demonstrating her work to the 'Scare' industry at this year's ScareCon at Thorpe Park and also demoing for a second time at Neil Gorton's 'The Prosthetics Event'. She has also worked for a high level of corporate clientele including Free Radio, as well as being approached for the Alton Towers VIP opening night for their Enchanted Village Hotel; an honour for such a big theme park enthusiast.

2016 saw her take her first steps into teaching, with leading beginners face paint workshops at Alton Towers for both their Enchanted Village and their Scarefest season, as well as achieving 2nd place in Paintopia's Professional Face Painter of the Year competition, and also being an 'Instructor' for the first time at the UK Face & Body Art Convention with Body Art Demo's.

2017 has been exciting so far, with achievements in reaching Runner Up in both the face painting competition, and the 'Pairs Invention' competition, (where the theme wasn't announced until an hour before start time) at the first Bodycraft Festival. But also starting an amazing journey in the NYX UK & Ireland Face Awards, so far having made it through the initial stages, and the Top 20 round. She is currently campaigning for public votes to help her reach the top 5 in the competition!

The near future see's Kate experimenting more with different mediums and looking to further herself in the realms of her fine art and selling her work, as well as working hard to delve deeper into the face and body painting world and build upon her successes.

Achievements & Awards

2017 March - 'BODYCRAFT FESTIVAL' - Body Paint Pairs Competition - Runner Up
2017 MARCH - 'BODYCRAFT FESTIVAL' - Face Painting Runner Up
2016 May - 'PAINTOPIA FESTIVAL' - Professional Face Painter of the Year - 2nd Place
2015 September - 'WARPAINT MAG - PRO BEAUTY NORTH' - Body Painting - 1st Place
2015 May - 'PAINTOPIA FESTIVAL' - Solo Bodypainter of the Year - 3rd Place
2014 October - 'UK FACE&BODYART CONVENTION' - Postal Body Paint - 1st Place
2014 September - 'PINSTRIPING & KUSTOM GRAPHICS MAGAZINE' - Featured Artist
2014 May -'PAINTOPIA FESTIVAL' - Novice Face Painter of The Year - 1st Place
2014 April - 'CAMELEON BODYPAINT' - Gypsy Competition Runner Up
2013 - 'THE FACE PAINTING SHOP' - Logo Face Paint Competition Winner
2012 October - 'CAMELEON BODYPAINT' - Halloween Competition Winner
2012 September/October - 'BAD ASS STENCIL' - Competition Winner

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